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Fascism fears aren't so far-fetched 

The so-called “Tea Party” is more than just a run-of-the-mill ultra-right-wing movement. The kinds of wealthy right-wing interests that created it, mobilized it, and fanned its flames of hatred, paranoia, bizarre conspiracy theories, big lie smear tactics, and demagoguery are eerily similar to those who did the same in Europe back in the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s. Those fascist movements started off spewing similar nonsense and using similar tactics to those of the Tea Baggers now. Then they evolved ... .

No one should fool themselves that a fascist movement and system cannot happen here. Fascism in Europe was a movement and form of totalitarian government created by powerful sections of the corporatist oligarchy who faced the collapse of their system and feared mass discontent leading to the overthrow of their rule (sound familiar?). So they created their own mass movement, made of ruined, racist, and paranoid layers of the populace who would commit violence against scapegoats. All opposition was brutally crushed.

The Tea Party and other proto fascist forces haven’t yet been shaped into this kind of phenomenon, but they are being gathered. The ruling class would rather rule through the pretense of “government by consent” and so-called “democracy.” It’s cheaper, easier, and less obvious. But as their system continues to seriously decline, and popular rebellions and resistance emerge, be prepared for a mass fascistic movement and a military-police state to be attempted by them. They must and can be defeated.

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obispo

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obispo

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obipso

-- Jim Griffin - SLO

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