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Eliminate departments that harm civil liberties 

Santa Maria

The purpose of a government is to provide three things: 1. Military—to provide a defense of that country from illegal invaders, and those who would harm the country. 2. Police protection—to protect individuals from criminals who would harm the citizens of that country. 3. A court system to adjudicate among individuals should disputes arise, especially those relating to the Constitution.

In a free republic, e.g., the United States, all other functions should be accomplished in the free market of ideas and services with no intervention by the government, except to prevent a monopoly from crippling the country, e.g., socialist unions that can cripple whole industries, educational systems, and municipalities.

Examining the three purposes of government, we see that this country has become ineffective. 1. We are unable to prevent illegal invaders from entering our county. 2. Federal crimes have never been more ubiquitous, even by our executive branch. 3. The supreme courts, both federal and state, have virtually ignored protection of the Constitution in their rulings.

The government, however, endeavors many other tasks not appropriate for a centralized government.

1. Education—The Department of Education was established in 1979 by Jimmy Carter with the objective of having all public schools throughout the country preach socialist indoctrination, not foster education. Eliminate the Department of Education.

2. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established in 1970 by Richard Nixon in order to insure that the United States will never become independent of foreign oil. The EPA has now expanded its function, to destroy U.S. industry. Eliminate the EPA.

3. The Department of Energy was established by Jimmy Carter in 1977, after his famous oil crisis, in order to insure that the United States will continue to have an oil crisis, where none exists. Eliminate the Department of Energy.

Many more examples could be given; each has resulted in a loss of individual liberty. Unfortunately, the United States will see the intrusive action of the federal government increase under this administration.

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