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Ein bier, bitte 

That's 'A beer, please' in German: a good phrase to know for Old Vienna's Oktoberfest.

Tiffany Garcia, Bufettier (Bartender)

New Times What has been a memorable moment at this year’s Oktoberfest?

Tiffany Garcia Hmmm

New Times OK. What do you suggest we all do until Oktoberfest starts again next September?

Greene Old Vienna will have live music at least one Friday a month throughout the rest of the year. We offer the full menu (During Oktoberfest it is a limited menu). Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day are big days, too. Costumes, green beer.

New Times You ran out of Jâgermeister this year? Did patrons riot?

Greene Everyone was cool. We have other Jâgers. We even raffled off a Jâger machine.

New Times What’s your favorite night of the four celebrations during the week?

Garcia Saturday night. Friday there seems to be a lot of young, wild people there. It’s very packed and it can get out of control. Saturday has a better vibe. Everybody is there to have a good time.

New Times Give me an Oktoberfest rundown.

Garcia Call to make reservations. It’s a $10 per person cover charge and that reserves your seat. We have five to six items on the menu for $20.95. It’s family-style seating, so you commiserate with the group next to you. I think it’s the only restaurant in California that is closest to a restaurant that could be found in Germanyto the real Oktoberfest.

New Times Anything else?

Garcia Let people know that Oktoberfest starts in mid-September and lasts 7 to 8 weeks. The first weekend is usually mellow. We extend it every year we have been sold out the past two weekends. Everyone should experience it at least once. Oh, I remembered the memorable moment. We do games—liter-holding contests (pitchers filled with water) and last Friday a girl won.


Gil Delcid, Bandleaderof the Mudskippers

New Times Mudskippers are amphibious fish. Why name your band after such creatures?

Gil Delcid It’s like a slug. A past player named the group and thought it was a cool name. It’s not very attractive. It’s catchy and people remember us. It has caught on.

New Times What does Oktoberfest mean to you?

Delcid It’s a time to celebrate and to have a good time. Enjoying yourself. being with friends. Eating food and drinking and a lot of companionship. I really encourage people to get up and dance to our music. Polka, waltz, and the chicken dance. I’d like to see more people dance. I also go to schools and talk to kids about the meaning of Oktoberfest.




The barstools are gone, with just a few cozy booths leftover and the remainder of the area designated for Oktoberfesters to stand. But who cares when you’re drinking ice-cold Spaten. It can get so crowded the bartender can’t see through to the back wall of the bar. It’s that time of year again and Old Vienna gives you a front row seat to all that is German. The finale is this weekend, so get to Shell Beach for food, music, and of course, the beer. Here is the schedule: Tonight, Thursday Oct. 23—(Old Country Oktoberfest with the Mudskippers starting at 5 p.m.). Friday and Saturday—Trio Internationale plays starting at 6:30 p.m.) and Sunday—(Family Night starts at 5 p.m. with the Mudskippers). $10 reserves your spot and $20.95 buys dinner ($4.95 for kids). Judith Bean, vocalist for the Mudskippers, could be described as an Oktoberfest cheerleader. In her genuine dirndl—the Bavarian folk costume that consists of thigh-high white stockings, a gathered skirt, a colorful apron, a tight bodice and a scoop neck—she revs up the crowd at Old V, singing, dancing, (and drinking!), all while putting the cherry on top of Oktoberfest. Info: 773-4521 or

Christy Heron is Christy Herren until Oktoberfest is over. Tell Ms. Herren that her last name is on the stall of the guys’ bathroom at Old Vienna. That’s because it means “gentleman” in German at

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