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Don't have sympathy for the homeless 

Well apparently Steve Omar, who "used to edit newspapers in Hawaii," doesn't like the off-road vehicle enthusiasts who come to Oceano Dunes for their recreational activities. What with their "noise choking exhaust and bad air," they're obviously having too much fun ("Great idea," Sept. 14). But allowing the homeless to erect tents and live out of sight in the dunes? Having counselors teach responsible living? They are adults. If they have made it this far in life without learning, or at least living responsibly, they aren't going to start doing it now. And catch fish and grow crops to sell? For one thing, crops don't grow in the sand; I guess we could give them some farmland also for their crops. Another issue would be: They aren't willing to work to sustain themselves right now. What makes you think they would be willing to do it to grow food? That is too much like work.

A majority of the homeless weren't forced into unemployment or by California's minimum wage jobs, they chose alcohol or drugs over going to work. You can't blame the jobs; 11 million illegal aliens are making it here.

And who is going to police this homeless camp? What about any homeowners adjacent to this camp? Do you think they would want this, to cut their property values by half? How about the increase in crime, because, you know, they're homeless and they steal stuff. What about the closest businesses? How would they like it when all these guys start to hang out in front of the stores and mooch money or cigarettes or both, since they tend to do that also?

Steve made a comment about how the Japanese internees were treated better than the homeless. What was that supposed to mean? The Japanese were landowners, business owners, and hard workers. The homeless do nothing but take, why the comparison?

Steve's plan shows nothing but sympathy for people who have generally put themselves exactly where they are, and I suspect he is one of them. It is also completely unworkable, and completely unacceptable.

Boris Roberts

Santa Maria

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