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Don't blame campus Republicans 

San Luis Obispo

As a member of the Cal Poly College Republicans for the last two years, I am offended by the allegation in the latest “Shredder” that the Crops House on the Cal Poly campus looked “like the College Republicans invaded Animal House in tweaker country.” That’s right. I, a Republican, am personally offended at something. For the last two years I have been told that I do not have a right to take offense at being judged for being a Republican: This has gone on long enough. For the past two years I have been called everything from “murderer” to “racist” but have been told that I do not have a right to be offended. Why not? Is it because my political party happens to be the one in power, or perhaps because the color of my skin happens to be that of the majority?

The outrage at the hanging of a Confederate flag along with a noose and a sign allegedly displaying bigoted slurs reached every student on campus this week. I myself wondered how the administration could let students who are living in subsidized university housing get away with such acts. The display of this kind of hatred is unacceptable, but especially on campus property. Do they have the freedom to say and display what they want? Sure. They can say it and display it, but part of freedom is also accepting the consequences of your actions. If all of the allegations against these students are true, they should be kicked off campus to show that our university does not tolerate racism.

But now you want to equate these acts to being a Republican. How typical of you.

It has been my experience in this community that when it comes to not spreading hate, some of the more outspoken liberals have failed by lacking a sense of perspective and their actions have been hypocritical more than a few times. The same people who wear the peace T-shirts and preach tolerance are the same people who tell us to go f*** ourselves at Farmers Market. You hate Republicans? Fine, but making the assumption that the College Republicans would have anything to do with these acts, or to even mention our name in connection to it, is unfair and presumptuous.

Instead of trying to pin the blame on a specific group and spreading your own person prejudices you should be focused on what drove those students to those actions. You should be focused on how to promote tolerance toward all groups of people, even—gasp—Republicans, otherwise your message of peace and acceptance is really just empty rhetoric.

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