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Did I mention Adolf Hitler? 

Los Osos

Regarding Yours, Anne, the Holocaust, and abortions:

Ms. Lindsay (“Thank you for changing my view on life,” June 23) laments all those fetuses killed “because their lives were inconvenient to their mothers.” And that one of those fetuses might have found a cure for cancer. Really? A woman facing an unintentional or life-threatening pregnancy must go to term because, who knows, that fetus might turn out to be a savior of sorts? She’s just a baby-making machine, never mind that she might have been the one to study oncology if she hadn’t been sidetracked or died in childbirth!

May I cite some fetuses who were carried to term: Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Osama Bin Laden, Lee Harvey Oswald, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Ted Bundy, Idi Amin, Josef Mengele, John .Wayne Gacy, Adolf Hitler, Andrea Yates, Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Richard Speck, Timothy McVeigh, Charles Manson … .

Tell me this world would not have been better off had these individuals been aborted or died in childbirth—or prevented from being conceived in the first place. Could be these folks were themselves unwanted products of enforced pregnancies, such as many of today’s theocrats would impose on women by restricting birth control and abortion services.

May I suggest Anne Frank’s parents and many European Jews would rather have gone childless, one way or another, had they known what hell Hitler had in store for them. Not all life is beautiful, not all life is “good.” Even the bible says so. Really.

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