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Dear members of the Senate and Congress 

I awoke the morning of Oct. 1 to screaming heads on the news stations. I think it is important for you all to understand that we don’t care which of you points fingers at whom. It doesn’t matter to us because you’re all guilty of not getting your work done. We’re sick and tired of all this.

Speaking of work, let’s talk about what, exactly, your job entails, because I think you have the idea that your job is to take your opinion, lob it into the air with your teammates around to support you, and then whack that thing over the net to the “other side.”

They whack it back, and it continues until somebody misses it and it hits the ground. This, actually, is not your job. This is volleyball. It is a game. And it is not improved when you decide you don’t like the score and so you take the ball and stand in the corner and hold your breath so the game can’t proceed in an act that adults call “filibuster.” What are you, 6 years old?

The work you were elected to do involves solving our nation’s problems and leading us, the public, through good times and bad. It involves compromise, wisdom, and selflessness. The public is pretty darn sure you either never knew this or you forgot it once you were elected.

The Affordable Care Act is a law. You passed it, remember? It was not the law that the president wanted, and you weren’t happy with it either, but the law that was negotiated. You compromised, he compromised, and you came up with something that may or may not work but it’s got to be put into effect for us to find out, doesn’t it?



If it doesn’t work, then you can work together to fix it or you can dump it. But you’ve got to go through with what you negotiated. It’s unfair to say “yes” and then to say “well, actually, no” at a time before you’ve even allowed it to take effect.

Our children in grade schools learn respect and teamwork and how to “play well with others”. The grade on your report card for each of these is a big “F.”

Get back to work and focus your attention on things like our crisis in education, the unbridled greed that is Wall Street, and how you’re going to care for your people when they’re old and need assistance.

We elected you into these jobs and we can take you out just as easily.

-- Susan Gerakaris - Paso Robles

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