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Crying for Hillary 

What a bunch of crybabies! 

Those were my thoughts as I read all the articles and comments in the New Times and watched young lefties out on the streets disrupting, burning, and damaging our cities while putting police at risk because they’re unhappy with Tuesday’s election results. What a spectacle! And what, exactly, is the point?

Election results show that Hillary Clinton received 6 million fewer votes in this election than President Obama received in 2012. So that would tell any thinking person that this loss is more the result of a failure of the left to get out their voters than it is about the appeal or popularity of President-elect Trump. In real-life America, a country based on competition, you’re allowed to be disappointed when you lose, but the proper response is to lick your wounds, get up and do better next time. Think Chicago Cubs.

Just consider how the conservatives and Republicans behaved after our loss to President Obama in 2008. We were every bit as disappointed as you lefties are today, but we didn’t go out to the streets and damage our community, inconvenience our citizens, and put our police at risk. Instead we got together, formed political groups like the Tea Party, worked hard to get our candidates elected, which resulted in taking back the House of Representative in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and most governorships and state legislatures over the past eight years. So now, as Donald Trump soon will be our president, we’re in a position to undo all the bad stuff that President Obama did, and, because of all our hard work, we’ll be able to make that happen pronto. Just watch! The lesson to be learned is you may have received trophies in the past for “participation,” … but in real life, “power” (and success) go to those who work hard, prepare, and win.

But don’t worry because good things lie ahead for all Americans including those misguided folks out protesting. With all this power in the hands of soon-to-be-President Trump, I expect we’ll see the return of a robust economy bringing more jobs, promotions, and growth than any of you can imagine. This will be accomplished through tax policy, repeal and replacement of Obamacare, and elimination of unnecessary and onerous regulations. That means college grads will be able to find jobs, earn appropriate compensation so they can move out of their parents’ home, pay their way, and repay their student loans. In like manner, those now attending college will find jobs waiting for them upon graduation.

Without going into tedious detail, we should expect lots of change, and it’s going to come at a fast and furious pace. We (conservatives and Republicans) have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and we don’t plan to waste it. So I would encourage all who are disappointed today to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt and the time to make life better for you and for all Americans. And if he doesn’t deliver, get to work, get organized, and in November 2020, get your guy or gal elected to replace him. That’s what you should do and exactly how our system is designed to work. So watch him carefully, and, please, no more crying.

-- Gary Wechter - Arroyo Grande

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