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Cal Poly must be stopped at all costs. No longer satisfied with teaching its students alone, its horrifying regime is spreading to other age groups as well. Think of the children ... or better yet, think of the teens who will be introduced to the world of engineering, who will learn that science is fun

This is all the result of that menace Bill Nye the Science Guy, who we believed had been defeated in the ’90s. So let me tell you about this plight. From July 10 through 29, in three one-week sessions for various grade groups, Cal Poly’s EPIC (Engineering Possibilities in College) summer camp roams free and loose in the minds of our younger loved ones. Grades seven through 12 will be immersed in a wide variety of labs and activities, from software design to spaceship design, learning about concussive force and a great many other things.

Meanwhile, Cuesta College has the audacity to open registration up for its upcoming fall term. Not simply content with leaving students alone for the remainder of the summer, like department stores and their early push for back to school, they remind us that nothing lasts forever. Momento mori, I suppose. 

To be fair, of course, students may not be terribly excited to think about schooling yet but they should want to plan their future out as soon as possible, and classes can sometimes fill up rather fast, so maybe the real menace is the passing of time. 

Classes start in a month, after all. Already! Oh wow. 

Classes start in a month. Well, time for this writer to sign up too, she supposes. But remember, even though time is passing fast it doesn’t mean you need everything figured out just yet. The point is to try to pave the path for your future. If you don’t know what you are doing, that’s nothing to be ashamed of—that is what college is partially for. You will learn, and you will grow, and your life will improve greatly from the effort. So I hope you’ve had a nice summer ... time to get ready to move forward. 

BUT! It’s not over yet. 

Contributor Lola White-Sanborn is worried ’bout the future, future, ain’t muckin’ with that past stuff baby, she’s worried ’bout the future, future, future. Send her your collegiate news via

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