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Modern society has an appetite that can’t be sated. You know the kind of appetite that Scooby-Doo, Dagwood, Garfield, and many others play to so comically? That kind of hunger. Unceasing. Unrelenting. Gastronomical black holes. Unlike a skyscraper-high sandwich or freezer lasagna, however, society chooses to feast upon your insecurity. Self-conscious about your weight? Delicious! Didn’t make the sports team? Savory! And goodness knows the universe will be doing everything it possibly can to try and generate more, because however much you have now just isn’t enough. Community college, for example, is a wonderful tool—excellent education at a slimmer price than a bigger-name university! But big names are everything. An engineering degree from Cal Poly is barely enough to obtain a desk job, and yet a Cuesta College AA?

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If this all seems incredibly pessimistic, that’s because it is. But in a world drained of its already-false hope, survival depends upon taking heart from the smaller victories. And college, if you let it, has a great abundance of those.

Cuesta College recently unveiled a cool new web-based application that aims to make the process of staying an academic course toward a degree—even if it wasn’t your original choice—much easier. Depending on a student’s given set of circumstances, previous visits to an academic counselor range in usefulness from a euphoric parting of the clouds to the reasonably disheartening “check this website to see if maybe you can find classes that will line up toward your transferring somewhere, I guess.” The new service, myCuesta Pathway, aims to increase the former moments through detailed and easy-to-understand analysis of one’s current academic progress. Sometimes, whether due to convenient class overlap or even simply the amount of work done by a student when they were trying to discover what major was right for them, it can be an easily manageable goal to complete not only one but multiple degrees. 

The service can be discovered on one’s myCuesta, on the right-hand side of the student tab. It is not meant to actually replace academic counseling but will hopefully be a great asset to those who feel that they currently wander through an academic darkness and need a boost to remember that they’re actually making real progress. Pro tip: Make sure there aren’t currently any holds on your academic record, or myCuesta Pathway won’t let you utilize its aid. 

Contributor Chris White-Sanborn hopes that any and all students find what they need to take heart against whatever rut they’re inevitably in. Send her your collegiate news via

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