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The sound of extreme, delighted horror and the smell of deranged laughter: There is no conclusion to reach other than yes, finally Halloween is here! 

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But for as much as you might wish to stuff your metaphorical faces with all of the thoughts of terror that you can possibly find, you’re bound to miss one of the worst. So let it not be said to have slipped past you that already half of this quarter and/or semester of school is already gone. This is one of the most dangerous points in the year—not at the noticeable endgame, but far enough for the beginning-of-the-year peak to be long behind. 

This commonly leads to a rather sizable amount of scholarly neglect that seems totally fine and safe to go through with but which really will add up at an alarming rate. Remember that feeling you may have had at the end of the previous semester, the frantic fear of so many late projects that no, you couldn’t possibly have the time for? This stretch of time is the cause of that eventual feeling; so fighting it as it comes will really do wonders for stress in the end. But what are some good ways to keep on task?

Tip number one is to try and put together a study group. The more you hear other people show similar levels of spite and anguish about the workload, the more that at least one person will be able, after some angry, self-deprecating joke, be able to get everyone else back on task. If you’re already going to suffer, you may as well suffer together, right? 

Tip number two is to find quiet locations on campus to work. The Cuesta library, for example, like many libraries, has a policy of little noise that can be a great boon, but if you really need to roar things out with a partner, there are group side rooms that, provided your volume is checked and the door is secure, are totally acceptable places to speak. 

Don’t discount Founder’s Grove, either! It’s a grove of trees located near the back of the cafeteria that usually has few to no students cluttering it, and is really close to some exercise equipment for blowing off steam! Which of course is the final tip—get exercise! Get sunlight and get your body moving! Your nerves aren’t going to un-jitter themselves! 

Contributor Chris White-Sanborn is afraid of Halloween ending—funny how that works. Send her your collegiate news via

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