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The change of pace summer sometimes provides can be refreshing. It can also be infuriating and downright dangerous. Sometimes when stepping onto the grounds, since school is the priority, everything else can seem to stop existing until one gets home. Granted, the more stress and responsibility appears, the less this is actually the case, but even so. Bad decisions aren’t just limited to the confines of the school year. For example, are you aware that visiting the beach is a very bad decision?

Ocean water is usually unfiltered and as a result contains absurd amounts of salt and, occasionally, boats and sharks. At a proper outing like a fast food joint you are allowed to decide for yourself the amount of salt and microorganisms that are in your drink, and while mixing beverages is popular, not everyone wants a little of everything in their cup. In addition, hard-working college students and closet MMORPG addicts tend to be extremely unacquainted with sunlight and, my dedicated team of physicians, who go by the names of Tom, Bert, and William, tell me that sunlight is extremely dangerous to one’s health. Tom, Bert, and William happen to be trolls, or at least they happened to be, before they proved their scientific research forever accurate by, as the expression goes, locking eyes with that great gorgon in the sky.

But as bad an idea as visiting the beach is, there are lots of unique places on the Central Coast. For example, it always surprises me to hear about natives who have never visited Sunset Drive-In or the Fremont. Sunset is one of the few drive-ins left in California, and is a wonderful way for friends and family to band together to enjoy a film. To begin with, unlike other movie theatres nowadays, catching films at the drive-in is affordable. Prices for even one film would be nice, but the drive-in, under most circumstances, is a double feature, and you don’t have to pay extra for that! Between the films you can enjoy vintage theatre clips involving dancing, singing concessions, and the like. You’re in your own car so you can talk as much as you want during the film without bothering anybody—assuming your friends let you. As for the Fremont, would you believe me if I said at least one visit was worth it just to see the ceiling? The ceiling of that theater is gorgeous, with fancy designs worked into the structure, which releases soothing purples and blues of lighting. In addition, the screen of the theater itself is somewhat bigger than your average screen. But remember, the best part about visiting any theater, whether by car or by ceiling, is that you don’t have to be in that nasty sunlight. Yuck!

Intern Chris White-Sanborn hopes your summer has it made in the shade. Send collegiate news to

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