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Cougars & Mustangs: Transfer Day 

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Well, another Cuesta College Transfer Day has come and gone, and while this one didn’t leave quite as awkward of a taste in my mouth as last year, I think last year I spoke with every college representative in attendance. Now, bear in mind that there is no issue with the inherent setup of the event: spend some time browsing potential college destinations, then enjoy a free lunch and live music as the various information you’ve received (and can now look over in flyer form), like the pasta, digests. This is actually an excellent, encouraging approach to things.

My issue is with the manner in which certain representatives interact with curious students. While I realize that a college is in certain respects a business, and wishes to ensure itself a strong influx of new attendees, treating a student as a potential customer you’re just looking to make a commission off of (does that even really apply to you?) is unacceptable. As a student—as anyone, really—let me just say that it is frustrating to clearly state the sort of program(s) I am looking for only to be cajoled and badgered into applying for further information and phone calls (or applying for the college itself) when the smooth backpedaling and avoidance of certain aspects of a question clearly indicate such programs don’t even exist there. In another case, there is a school that seems exciting and possibly quite relevant to my interests for education and career opportunities, but both this year and the last the representative quickly announced that she knew little to nothing about the college itself. I would like to think I am not the only person who would consider that a red flag.

There was only really one college last year that left a good impression. It wasn’t pushy, was peppy and courteous, knew immediately that both programs I was interested in were available and by actually listening to what I had to say realized I might be eligible for a scholarship I didn’t even yet know existed. Granted, there’s more to that good impression than just the representative’s attitude, but after so many bored, irritated, and/or snake oily run-ins with other colleges, she was the first representative to treat me like a person, and that was extremely refreshing. For the record, Cuesta-students-who-might-now-realize-which-college-to-attend, Student Services can help you fill out your university applications on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until Nov. 27, but bring your transcripts, financial aid information, know your planned classes ... just be prepared in general. For the rest of us, I’d like to turn to our Mustang allies farther into town. What was the process like you for you, Mustangs? Let us know.

Intern Chris White-Sanborn wants to hear your college transfer advice! Send it (and/or of course your collegiate news) to

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