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Thank you for painting such a clear picture of the simple beauty of gay marriage in SLO County (“Waiting for equality,” April 23). I hope, for my sake and the sake of my husband Mark, that the California Supreme Court does the right thing and upholds the legality of our marriage and the marriages of the others like us.  
In reading your article, it really made me mad to see Jason Weatherred claim that his opposition to gay marriage is directed by the Bible. He said, “… the Bible is really clear that marriage is between one man and one woman.” He is either being willfully disingenuous or he is basing his attitudes on what he believes is in the Bible rather than what it really says.
The Bible is certainly not “clear” that marriage is between one man and one woman. Polygamy, as recorded in Scripture, is pervasive (Jacob, Esau, Solomon). It is sometimes a reward from God (King David). But, it is never the occasion for condemnation. And no one is ever called to repent of it! In fact Deuteronomy, the detailed book of law/code handed down from Moses, tells families of men with two wives the proper way to pass on inheritance when both wives have sons.
I do not say all this because I think polygamy should be legal. There are many good reasons for laws against it. I am saying that the Bible most certainly is not clear about marriage between one man and one woman.  It is just another case of bad Christians using the Bible to mask their prejudices while pretending that it justifies them.

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