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Re: “What about the common welfare?

Common welfare is an oxymoron...

Posted by Charles Bird on 06/27/2019 at 10:51 PM

Re: “Hustling for a living: Central Coast residents often work multiple jobs to stay afloat

I was just doing the math on the Pedersen family. He is the sole breadwinner of a family of 5, making $15/hour. I'm guessing that they live in a 3 bedroom home, most likely. Average rentin SLO County for 3 bedroom is $3000, which means he has to work at least 266 hours just to cover his rent(assuming 25% deduction of gross pay= 11.25x266=2992 ). He would have to work 66.5 hours a week just to cover rent.

The federal poverty income threshold for family of 5 is $29,420. $15/hour full-time= $31,500/year. My point is that $15 an hour isn't enough to support a family of 5, regardless where you live in the US. The real issue is wage disparity, and disappearance of middle income. The typical CEO's make 200 times more than the lowest paid employee. When the haves can outbid the have-nots by that much, price is going to reflect it anywhere demand exceeds supply- whether rent or IPhones.

My father was WWII vet and electrician. He made enough to comfortably support a family of 4 and retire at 60. I'm an Iraq/Afghanistan vet and also an electrician, and I can barely support my own. Something has got to change.…

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Posted by Charles Bird on 11/24/2018 at 9:17 PM

Re: “Election error leaves Los Osos CSD with empty board seat

Why can't they just allow Womack to serve for 4 years? As far as the Stephen Best is concerned, if he thought he had better chance of winning the 2 year seat, then why didn't he run for that seat? Was Stephen running against the candidate or the position? Womack ran unopposed for a unexpected vacancy. Since it was vacated by the board director, there was confusion on the length of the seat term. Issue was whether seat terms had to coincide in relation or follow other board seat terms. Do we really need to spend $50,000 plus, when there are plenty other ways to better spend that money? FYI, according to Bay City News, Los Osos had 9,911 registered and 7,440 voted for 74% turnout.

Posted by Charles Bird on 11/24/2018 at 7:27 PM

Re: “Pismo revokes Alex Bar-B-Q project coastal development permit

I'm confused. I'm pretty sure that Pismo Beach had to know that Compass Health isn't in the restaurant business. In order for a healthcare facility to be built at that site, in compliance with current California Building Code, it would need to be rebuilt from the ground up. That being said, there seems to have been a lack of honest forthcoming or intentional miscommunication between the Planning Commission and the contractor/Compass Health.

But the biggest loser here is residents of Shell Beach/Pismo Beach. How long are they going to have to look at that demolished ugliness before someone wins the pissing contest going on between the city and Compass Health? Squash it, find a way for Compass Health to make a "generous contribution" to the community's quality of life, and have everyone get on with their lives.

Charles Bird
Los Osos, CA

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Posted by Charles Bird on 11/15/2018 at 1:31 PM

Re: “Safe, clean, and reliable

As far as nuclear power is concerned, it's the best compromise for electricity that we have-now more than ever. The power output's cost, quality, and availability provided by a nuclear power plant simply outweigh the cost of radioactive waste produced and possibility of radioactive contamination of a Fukushima like event. We are faced with depleting fossil fuel supply/rising fuel costs for oil burning power plants and the decline of hydroelectric power due to drought and depletion of aquifers. Solar and wind power both share an inherent weakness- inability to provide electrical demand as needed. Nothing yet can take the place of a continuous power generating turbine to provided for varying demands. I am simply amazed that people don't know that there are electrical power really has two components- electrical charge and magnetism. Solar simply cannot provide the inductive force necessary. Besides, what good is solar at night time? Anyone that's been sailing can tell you how reliable wind power can be- it's the reason why ships have engines and boats have motors.

Don't get me wrong. We need all the alternative power generation sources we can build, because if we wait until we are out of fossil fuel - we are screwed. The fuel cost involved in Carizzo Plains solar projects would amaze most people. If we run out of oil tomorrow, manufacturing and construction would cease- that's how dependent we are on oil. If we think we need it to survive a fossil fuel scarce future, we need to build it now- no, actually yesterday.

If we have a Fukushima like seismic event, we will have plenty more than just Diablo Canyon to worry about. It's already built, it runs, and hasn't broken yet. Let's not Chicken Little this to death.

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Posted by Charles Bird on 01/05/2018 at 10:01 AM

Re: “Safe, clean, and reliable

NASA experimented with hydrogen powered turbine engines back during the age of the space race. I always wondered why we never combined liquid oxygen/hydrogen cryogenic compressor to power liquid hydrogen/oxygen combustion turbines. While it may need external power to get it up to speed, once it produces adequate liquid hydrogen, it could fuel the combustion to power a turbine. The complication lies in the compression part, but since it is a stationary power plant it shouldn't matter. Meaning it isn't powering a vehicle, but a drive shaft.

We already have Power-to-Gas technology, which uses electrolysis to extract hydrogen fuel from water. Why not a hydrogen fuel powered turbine power plant?

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Posted by Charles Bird on 01/05/2018 at 9:01 AM

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