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Central Coast Flute Circle 

Alice Reinheimer, facilitator

NEW TIMES What is the Central Coast Flute Circle?

ALICE REINHEIMER A group of people who are enthusiastic about Native American flutes, who teach others to play these instruments and, importantly, have fun.


NEW TIMES What is a standard meeting like?

REINHEIMER At first, everyone splits into small groups. Each group learns a song that, when ready, it goes on to perform in front of everyone else at the meeting. After that, we all just sit around and jam, inviting in other instruments. The jamming can go on for hours!


NEW TIMES What other instruments are welcome?

REINHEIMER Quiet drums and rattles, bells, and a few stringed instruments. On the one hand, it is really about the flutes; but on the other, a jam session works best with only a few flutes at a time.


NEW TIMES What events do you have?

REINHEIMER Once or twice a year at Camp Ocean Pines we have workshops with professionals who teach, over the course of a weekend, lessons in playing, particularly in a group. Just like in a regular meeting, playing in a group is important to teach, because it’s quite different than playing alone.


NEW TIMES Where could one find a Native American flute if one wanted to join in with the group?

REINHEIMER Well, there are different places. For more information on that, such as where one can find our local flute-maker, I would recommend investigating the links on our website (


NEW TIMES What’s the least traditional song you’ve heard played on a Native American instrument?

REINHEIMER “Smoke on the Water!”

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