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Re: “Women's March SLO removes Central Coast Health Coalition from event

Vaccine injured children are the most invisible group of discriminated people in the history of disabilities.
I'm so astonished at the push for censorship! Stripping these constitutional freedoms and rights from people is only going to wake more people up. Backfire! Mothers with vaccine injured children-who will forever wholeheartedly protest these mandated products(kids can't go to public school, which taxpayers are funding. How nefarious is that?! Injured children can't attend public school without the mandated pharmaceutical products which harmed them in the first place, btw vaccine makers have no liability for death or injury) We are going to keep sharing all the research, stories, and information that keeps being suppressed. Ever wonder why people who once trusted doctors are now saying, no thanks? This isn't an easy decision for loving parents to come to the conclusion of, for no reason. There is a massive pile of evidence we should all be able to look at and say, "Maybe these aren't safe and effective like they are touted?" Too many conflicts of interest on every level in this industry, and forcing any medical procedure against a free person is coercion with punishment is illegal, aka, racketeering. I thought the civil rights movement ended years ago, apparently not. If we can't have the right to our own bodies, religion and personal freeoms where does one draw the line.
Pharma marketing is based on manufacturing a desire for a disease-free utopia that is unattainable in reality. So long as the utopia is desired but unattainable the totalitarian will be endless and relentless in attempting to achieve his mission. His identity and illusion of serving a greater purpose that gives his life greater meaning by social validation depends on it. The rage cycle has no end within his totalitarian mind that can only think and perceive in "two's" of a barbaric "me vs enemy, us vs them" mindset. Therefore, if you do not make your opponent detach from that manufactured desire for a disease-free utopia, a sense of calm can never be established in the brainwashed individual's mind.

Forcing one-size-fits-all economies, medicines, ideologies, etc. lead to disaster and mass human suffering. The zealous totalitarian's desire to achieve that utopia makes him or her willing to commit the most horrific acts against another person because no measure of ethical or moral boundaries can outweigh his or her imagined greater-good utopia.

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Posted by Cassandra Frey on 01/23/2020 at 12:29 PM

Re: “Some San Luis Coastal parents speak out against the state's recent vaccine laws

I am friends with people who are deeply affected by the noxious vaccines. There is a whole world of information out there once you decide to take your blindfold off, and it's hard to believe something we see peddled to children and seniors is hurting and killing them in great numbers, and the deaths marked coincidence or not at all. Our kids are perfectly healthy, natural, smart, beautiful and amazing. They were born with an immune system that protects them from thousands of pathogens every day. Normal childhood illnesses like the measles are not very risky when your child isn't deficient in vitamin a, and after having measles they will have natural lifelong immunity, and be protected against certain cancers in the future. Mother Nature has a way, or else none of us would be here. Where there is risk there must be choice. The choice to accept the big risks of an untested, liability free product that has an array of nasty ingredients including animal and human DNA fragments and retroviruses, along with neurotoxins and heavy metals which cross the blood brain barrier, must be decided by each person without coercion or defamation. We are the last stand between corporate greed and our children's health, and we have more information than we know what to do with. We are advocating for freedom of religion, freedom of bodily autonomy, and for doctors to abide by the Hippocratic oath, to first do no harm. We are advocates of pharmaceutical giants and state lawmakers staying separate, because we know how much money they both stand to make if they can mandate their faulty products. Doctors are being pressured to forcibly vaccinate all kids with a one size fits all program, not bothering to take into account previous issues, family history, genetics and detoxification issues, or religious implications. When the govt wants to force harmful things on babies it starts to make you wonder-is there a reason they want them sick, dumbed down, or dead? Is there a nefarious agenda to lower the population? Look at the numbers we have now of kids with chronic illness, cancer, autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, seizures, allergies, etc. Dig deeper, or try to. Google is now more censored than ever, I started doing research on this subject 10 years ago when I was first pregnant and haven't stopped since. My kids aren't harboring disease, they aren't ADHD, not on the spectrum, no learning disabilities, and they are aware on this subject more than the average adult or even pediatrician! They research along with me! I am going to always choose a safer more natural approach to parenting and life, after witnessing the greed, side effects and absolutely racketeering aspect of western medicine-where they treat symptoms to hide the root cause and damnit if I don't have a choice or freedom to choose! This is America-home of the free and we will never stop fighting for that freedom!!!!!

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Posted by Cassandra Frey on 09/01/2019 at 6:52 AM

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