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California's gun ban is almost here 

California politicians have been trying to take guns away from law-abiding people for years without success until now. A few years ago they started to eliminate the ammo used in guns by banning lead bullets in areas where condors live because they said they were dying after eating lead fragments from bullets in dead animals. 

I haven’t seen anything that supports this. The turkey vulture is a scavenger like the condor, and as all hunters know they will have a carcass eaten, lead and all, with no effects before a condor can get off the ground. California has banned lead shot for shotguns, and soon it will be illegal to shoot all leaded ammo. 

This would not bother me that much but you can’t find any lead-free ammo here. They now want you to pay $50 for a background check to buy ammo that you can’t find. The new laws proposed to ban all guns with a detachable magazine will eliminate 75 percent of the guns, and the inability to get lead-free ammo here will eliminate the other 25 percent so they will have accomplished what their real objective was: to eliminate all guns. 

They can pass all the laws they want, and if someone wants to get a gun and kill someone they will. We have laws against drunk drivers and speeding, but people still do it. It’s not the booze or the cars that kill; it’s the people, so maybe we should do a background check on everyone to see if they had a DUI or were in a accident because they may do it again and kill someone. We can’t have that. 

The vast majority of the people who own and shoot guns are law-abiding citizens, and these laws hurt them and not the criminals, gangs, and mentally disturbed, as they don’t live by the rules. 

-- Richard Mullikin - Atascadero

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