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California wimps out in sentencing pedestrian-killers 

Santa Maria

How much jail time is a person’s life worth? Fifteen years for deliberately driving your vehicle in to kill an elderly couple because you were mad at your girlfriend is just 7 1/2 years per life. How about one year in county jail and five years probation for killing a woman because the young driver was possibly texting? These lives were worth more than that!

Bruce and Marjorie Mallin, a loving couple with a caring family, would have been married 42 years this year. Rebecca Vegas was a 56-year-old mother of three sons with seven grandchildren and a loving husband. Don’t you think the people responsible for their deaths should get more? Not in the state of California.

So listen up you gang bangers, evildoers, and murderers. Don’t use a gun or a knife to murder—just get behind the wheel of a vehicle and mow down your victims. You won’t get the death penalty, you won’t get life, heck you won’t even get 30 years plus. With a little luck, a liberal judge or jury, a good attorney or a D.A. looking to plea bargain out of trial, you will get what Jeraldo Iriarte, Lacey Strange, and countless others who drink and drive, drive erratically, text, or use their cell phones did: nothing but a slap on the wrist or easy time. Justice? Not in this state!

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