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Bush only won on paper 

The ’04 election is over. As is usually the case, there is some good news and there is some bad news.

First the bad news: Four more years of George Bush.

Now for the good news: America is a divided country. How can that be good, you ask? The forces of greed, bigotry, and authoritarianism may have won an election with a campaign of fear and mud, but they have not won the war for the hearts and minds of the people.

Unlike Adolf Hitler, that other rare elected leader who also led a brutally imperialist foreign policy, this president does not have the blind following of the majority of the people. Bush got the majority of the votes that were counted, but over 70 percent of all Americans did not vote for him.

The huge increase in voter registration and voter turnout did not happen because people fell in love with John Kerry. Rather, it shows the American people are waking up. Bush supporters will no doubt respond with the half-baked truth “more people voted for Bush than any president in history� without mentioning that it is also true for those who voted against him, even with the historical advantage of incumbency.

Kerry wasn’t the reason people got involved. It was because they wanted Bush out. I suspect they still do, plus many more to come. This is not over.

Martin U’Ren


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