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Brutal afternoon skateboard beating on Higuera 

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    There’s no explanation. David Siebert was walking down Higuera Street at 1:30 p.m. when two men brutally assaulted him, one brandishing a skateboard, the other a two-foot chain with large blunt piece of metal attached to it. “This wasn’t just some gag,� says Seibert, who suffered multiple injuries during the attack. “These guys, after the first couple of blows, were yelling ‘beat his ass’ and ‘gang bang’. They were having fun, they were yelling. It was like a rodeo.�
 On January 26, Siebert, a county employee, was walking on the 500 Block of Higuera, not far from the New Times building. He watched as Andrew Mitchell, 19, skateboarded directly into him, then picked up his board and inexplicably swung at Siebert’s right side. In pain, Siebert looked into Mitchell’s eyes, which apparently were focused on an accomplice over Siebert’s shoulder. The victim instinctively turned around with his forearms blocking his face as Charles Clark, 26, approached from behind and swung at Siebert’s head with a two-foot hitching chain with a nine-inch square piece of metal attached to one end. Siebert’s defensive action, which he credits to weaponless defense training he received while working as a park ranger, may have saved his life. “Without my training, I would have had my head smashed into the sidewalk,� he says. 

    There’s no explanation why Siebert was the victim of such random violence. The two attackers didn’t ask for money. They didn’t even say anything to him. “I’ve never seen these guys in my life,� Siebert distraughtly explains. “I never even had a chance to speak one word.�
 During the assault, an unknown citizen called the police, then ran across Higuera Street to the fracas. Clark and Mitchell apparently got scared and fled the scene, but didn’t make it far before police caught them. Both were charged with assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, and remain in custody as of press time. Lt. Chris Staley of the San Luis Obispo Police Department explained that any object, including a skateboard, that has the potential to cause great bodily injury onto a person can be a “deadly� weapon.

   Siebert’s lower back is covered in black-and-blue bruises, the result of a direct blow from the hitching chain. Doctors tested Siebert’s kidneys for internal damage, and he’s agreed to undergo counseling as a result of the incident, he says.

    The seemingly random act of violence appears to resemble the unsolved June murder of Sharon Ostman. “Any time you have crimes of violence occurring in the same area, then they’re going to be looked at (as suspects),� says Lt. Staley, but Mitchell and Clark have not been named as suspects in the Ostman murder.  


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