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Brie Scott 

Florist, Open Air Flowers

New Times: After working in a flower shop for nearly three years, do you still get excited when somebody buys you flowers?

Scott: I’ve never received flowers, isn’t that sad?... But I think if somebody got me flowers I would be really picky on the way they looked. They would have to be really high-class flowers. If they weren’t, I’d be disappointed.

New Times: What’s the most interesting reason you’ve heard for a guy buying flowers?

Scott: Lots of people who come by are like, ‘Oh, I just got caught cheating.’ And I just say, ‘Well, flowers probably aren’t going to work for you, man.’ It doesn’t work, it never does.

New Times: Who buys more flowers, men or women?

Scott: It’s pretty equal, I guess.

New Times: What are the most popular flowers for a make-up attempt?

Scott: I would say everybody asks me if we have Stargazer lilies, which I think is my least favorite question, and then everyone asks for Gerbera daisies. Or roses, of course.

New Times: What are the biggest flower-selling days of the year?

Scott: Biggest-selling day is Valentine’s Day for sure. The second is Mother’s day. I don’t know, the third has to be Prom.

New Times: What are you’re best-selling flowers?

Scott: Probably the Gerbera daisies … or all the mixed bouquets outside.

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