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Brenden Gebhart: professional slackliner 

NEW TIMES First of all, what is slacklining?

GEBHART Slacklining is the act of walking on 1- or 2-inch webbing strung between two points. It differs from tightrope walking because the line has slack, which allows for movement in any direction—side to side, up and down. It’s sort of a cross between a tightrope and a trampoline.


NEW TIMES Do you consider yourself a professional slackliner?

GEBHART I guess about as professional as a slacker can be! But if you’re asking if I get paid to slackline, then yes, I do.


NEW TIMES How long did it take you to learn how to walk the line?

GEBHART It took me about three days to walk a 30-foot line.


NEW TIMES Have you gotten any odd comments from people while you were slackin’?

GEBHART I had a lady yell out, “That young man is levitating!” You can Google me if you want to see what she was talking about!


NEW TIMES Is slacklining good exercise?

GEBHART Slacklining is the best exercise ever! Every single muscle gets worked. Your entire body is working to stay balanced on that line. It also exercises the mind! You have to focus like crazy on multiple things so you don’t fall off. Brain exercise!


NEW TIMES How did you get into slacklining?

GEBHART I saw some people set up in the park and they called me over. I was hooked the first time I tried standing on it!

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