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Mouth watering is such an overused phrase. The words are slapped—almost like a suggestion, or even a command—on fast food advertising to the point where they’ve gone past saturation and have lost all meaning, like Pavlov taking his dogs on a sleigh ride. The jingling may get them salivating at first, but by the end—after constant trigger-noise with no substantial payoff—they’re going to have normal, typically low- to medium-moist mouths despite the ever-present bells.

But imagine, in this scenario, a massive ringer that comes in and rolls over the dinky little sounds, tolling a peal so loud it literally starts those once-jaded mouths watering again.

Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls is that massive ringer. The shop would be the Liberty Bell, the Big Ben (sure, that’s a clock, but it bing-bongs, right?), the Mingun Bell (it’s in Burma, and it’s huge—look it up) in the world of behavioral conditioning. Heck, I’ve been trained to not just start salivating, but to leap from my desk and shove other people out of the way when I hear a co-worker say, “There’s cinam—.” I don’t even need the rest of the sentence (“—mon rolls in the kitchen,” in case you were wondering).

Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls is at 588 California Blvd. in San Luis Obispo. It’s open Tuesday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (or until they sell out). Call 234-1710, e-mail, or visit 


Executive Editor Ryan Miller will always eat a cinnamon roll. Send Bites fodder to

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