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'Birther' blather is blatantly racist 


Imagine that Republican presidential nominee John McCain had won the U.S. election in 2008 instead of winding up as the loser. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, thousands of miles from the United States of America. Do you suppose that black Democratic congresspersons and political commentators would have spent hundreds of hours on TV over dozens of months whipping this country’s lunatic fringe into a murderous frenzy with bigoted “birther” nonsense denouncing his American citizenship? And more pointedly, would the reporters on the major networks and national newspapers overtly embrace this exposition of “covert racism” without batting an eye, day after day for year after year?

The answer, of course, is “HELL NO!” Shame on them.

The blatantly racist “birther” blather was spewed out first by too-crazy-even-for-the-Tea Party Orly Taitz, who is now banned from pursuing her bigoted lunacy in American courtrooms across the country with her mass-produced amateurish Photoshopped and obviously counterfeit “real birth certificates” of President Barack Obama. Taking up the “noose” of this celebration of good old fashioned racism and bigotry, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), and House Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-California) have pandered to the far-right extremists of the Republican Party, the self-professed neo-Nazis and homegrown white supremacist militia terrorists who are salivating to plunge the United States of America into “Civil War II.”

Joining in this metaphorical birther “lynching” are the pompous yet preposterous Republican presidential candidates for 2012.

Chris Matthews of Hardball on msnbc has it right, referring to this motley crew of know-nothing bigots as “the characters from the intergalactic bar scene of Star Wars.” The motto of this covertly racist and bigoted New Tea Party Republican Party is “We HATE Black American Presidents (and black Americans and Latino Americans and Muslim Americans and union Americans and women Americans and gay Americans and liberal Americans and educated Americans and elderly Americans and sick Americans), and we GOP are THE party of millionaires and billionaires and trillionaire corporations.” Amen.

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