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Beware peacocks parading as patriots 


I’m glad Mr. Ruhge is retired from his 40-year military and aerospace career. Good riddance. In his Nov. 25 letter (“Sophisticated defense doesn’t come cheap”), he repeatedly exhibits an odious and blatant religious bigotry against adherents to Islam and an ideology constituting a threat to our national security. He conjures “The Muslim threat to the world,” says “The Muslims have been the menace in the world for 1,400 years” and “The Muslims must be defeated,” and advocates “defending freedom while taking on the Muslims” and a “special emphasis on the Muslim threat in developing the special techniques to deal with them.”

While an appropriate response to such a dim-witted and myopic mentality is perhaps pity, it’s apparent that Ruhge isn’t alone in perpetrating this counter-productive and self-defeating propaganda.

The first law of warfare is to know one’s enemy. The blind ignorance and prejudice of those like him lead to disastrous debacles like the unjustified and ill-conceived invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. My response, however, is to castigate and repudiate this ideology as a moral and strategic pathway to bankruptcy and geopolitical collapse.

Our safety and national security depend on the intelligent application of power to defeat real enemies. In the battle against terrorism, that means debilitating al Qaeda and its affiliates, whose actions expose them as Muslim apostates and violators of fundamental Islamic principles. Ruhge’s ideology is subversive to that objective and gives aid and comfort to our enemy by generating more recruits prepared to kill us.

Ruhge shares Osama bin Laden’s rationale for continued slaughter, i.e., that the United States is waging war on Muslims.

The peacocks parading as patriots will eviscerate our country’s vitality with ceaseless militarism. It’s time to retire them all. Goodbye, Mr. Ruhge.

-- David Broadwater - Atascadero

-- David Broadwater - Atascadero

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