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Re: “A warning to Congressional Dems and the irrelevant media

Ellis, Trump is a lying, cheating, mysoginist at best (just read his own tweets and/or listen to his own words) and an outright criminal at worst (the Mueller report and Congress will determine this). He incites violence and division. He sides with and admires dictators, oligarchs, and white supremacists. The media is more important now than any time in history and his attack on the free press is a threat to our democracy. He lost the popular vote and has lost many supporters since. You are someone who will not change your opinion no matter what he says or does and no matter what proof others give you. I just had to vent after reading your words. Have a nice day.

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Posted by Barbie Clark on 03/21/2019 at 7:16 AM

Re: “Naked imagination repels tyrants

Wonderful post. Thank you, Amy.

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Posted by Barbie Clark on 12/29/2018 at 12:27 PM

Re: “

Sigh. Another blinkered opinion from Gary Wechter. Really New Times, cant you find better options for contributors than Gary Wechter and Al Fonzi?

Gary, 45 has done nothing except divide our country further. He doesnt even attempt to be president for all of us, he makes it very clear he works for one group of citizens. I was willing to give him a chance once he won the presidency (if you call losing the popular vote by 3 1/2 million winning), but he never gave me a chance to give him a chance. Nobody is above the law. Not the president or his children. If they broke the law, they should suffer the consequences, just like any average American citizen would. I, for one, am willing to wait for the Muller investigation to finish before passing judgment, although it gets harder every day because If you expand your media consumption outside Fox News, all signs point in one direction.

Our country is moving to the left. The majority of people want healthcare and education to be affordable and accessible to all. The majority of people want equal rights for all citizens regardless of skin color, gender, or sexual preference/orientation. I know lots of Democrats that support the Second Amendment and not a single Democrat that wants open borders. The GOP Can only win by cheating, through gerrymandering and voter suppression. Lets fix this. Lets make it easier to vote. Lets have more voting stations and earlier voting. Lets make election day a holiday. Lets do these things and then see how it turns out.

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Posted by Barbie Clark on 12/29/2018 at 8:37 AM

Re: “Disappointing reporting

Ah, another gem from Gary Wechter. And what a shocker, it's regarding a minority. Between you and Al Fonzi, I think New Times has all its far right wing conservative bases covered.

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Posted by Barbie Clark on 12/13/2018 at 2:23 PM

Re: “Call a spade a spade

August, There is so much wrong with your commentary I don't even know where to start. How about with the title. No, nevermind, why bother? You seem oblivious.

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Posted by Barbie Clark on 12/13/2018 at 2:13 PM

Re: “Lynch mob or rule of law?

Thank you, Allan Cooper, for your response to Al Fonzi's latest rant. Have you thought about emailing this to New Times? Hopefully they would print it in next weeks copy. Fonzi's tirades go unchallenged far too often. What you have stated here is a coherent and accurate rebuttal to his partisan nonsense.

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Posted by Barbie Clark on 10/11/2018 at 2:08 PM

Re: “Life in America

May I remind you, John, that we currently have a sitting president that encourages divisive behavior and incites violence. A president who is supposed to represent all Americans yet continuously spouts nonsense about liberals and progressives, as you just did. There are radicals on both sides, that does not mean the majority of us are incapable of rational thought and discussion.

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Posted by Barbie Clark on 08/16/2018 at 7:07 AM

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