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April foods! 

It’s true that April Fools pranks take a certain type of person to appreciate. After all, there are only so many times you can call the folks from a blocked number, claiming to be in a county jail, before the whole day gets a little stale.

But never fear; there are plenty of fresh pranks out there to brighten up the first day of April and the good news is a lot of them involve food.

A classic that’s both easy and ingenious is the April 1 grilled cheese sandwich. For this project you’ll want to grab yourself some pound cake, butter cream, and yellow and red food coloring. First, slice the pound cake just as you would sandwich bread. Take a few seconds to toast it to a nice, mellow brown on the outside. Then mix your butter cream with the food coloring until it replicates the color and consistency of deliciously melted cheese.

Put your concoction on a plate and serve it up to some very unsuspecting relative for lunch. This is a great trick for the kiddies’ lunchboxes, since the result tends to be delicious and surprising and all the kids will believe you to be the coolest parent on the planet.

Another great gag for a more formal setting is to pair a scoop of caramel-covered vanilla ice cream with a traditional turkey dinner. Guests will get both a taste and a temperature surprise when they scoop up their first bite. 

Since kids can be the easiest and the most receptive prankees, go all out with their lunch boxes. Open up their bag of chips, dump out the contents and replace the chips with Jell-O worms. Making the cherry Jell-O in bendable straws can make the worms very realistic. You can also replace their usual piece of fruit with
plastic fruit.

You can stop by Michael’s Crafts in San Luis Obispo for the food coloring and straws and a trip to the grocery store should cover the rest of the supplies. Remember to laugh yourself silly on April 1, just don’t do it in front of the kids … they’ll catch on.

Contributor Maeva Considine compiled this week’s column. We want a Bite! Send us your food, wine, and related news at


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