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Anthony Scott 

weekend graveyard shift gas station attendant near Cal Poly

NEW TIMES Who is your customer base on the weekends?

SCOTT Mostly Poly and Cuesta students who live at Stenner Glen and Mustang Village.


NEW TIMES Is this a rowdy crowd?

SCOTT I’d say so. Yes.


NEW TIMES What is the most entertaining experience with a customer you’ve ever had?

SCOTT Entertaining? Usually the highlighter parties, or when any theme party is happening, I’m entertained. People are having a good time, and it makes my night go by faster. Oh, and one of the most interesting things to watch is when I see a customer like four times in a night. The first time they come in, they’re completely sober. The second time, they’re a little tipsy. The third time, they’re completely wasted, and by the fourth time, they can’t even speak.


NEW TIMES What are those customers buying when they’re that drunk?

SCOTT Usually cigarettes and snacks.


NEW TIMES Has anyone tried to use a fake ID to purchase anything?

SCOTT I’d say about half a dozen times in the past six months I’ve had someone try to buy beer with a fake ID.


NEW TIMES What about homeless people? Are they good or bad customers?

SCOTT They’re some of my best customers. I’ve never had an issue with any of them. Except for this one time, I had to tell someone who was new in town that he couldn’t ask for money in front of the store.


NEW TIMES Is this a fun job—graveyard on the weekends?

SCOTT No ... comment.


NEW TIMES What do you do besides help customers?

SCOTT There’s lots of cleaning that gets done. There’s always something to do.


NEW TIMES Are you going to school?

SCOTT Yes. Of course!


NEW TIMES What is your major?

SCOTT Computer engineering. I’m an “A” student, too.

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