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‘Morally superior’ values? 

Re: “It’s time to revolt� by Bill Denneen, Dec. 9-16, and letters titled “Bill Denneen: hypocrite� by Michael Larrea and “Love it or leave it, Bill� by David E. Baskett, Dec. 16-23:

Mr. Larrea believes we should cease federal and state funding of universities because “88 percent of all college professors are Democrats.� Well, that’s just a natural phenomenon, it’s not a conspiracy.

Exit polls in 2004 showed that among all persons with graduate degrees, about 60 percent of them voted Democratic. Conversely, people with limited educational achievement tended to favor Republicans by a similar majority. This merely shows that smarter people vote Democratic and dumber people vote Republican. If we could lower our standards and hire more dumb college professors, it’s likely that more of them would be Republicans, and our problem would be solved.

Mr. Baskett’s self-righteous and historically inaccurate opinions lead us to the conclusion that America, “a Christian nation,� has morally superior values that produced our present greatness.

But wait … If that’s true, how do you explain the decidedly un-Christian thinking that tacitly or directly supported highly immoral policies, such as genocide against Native Americans, slavery, imperialism (Cuba, Philippines, Central America, etc.), exploitative child labor, denial of voting rights to women, segregation, lynchings, the widening gap between rich and poor, the environmental assaults of the Bush administration, illegal and unnecessary wars, institutionalized racism, etc.? If all these things have been done with God in government, this is a strong argument to separate God from government.

Michael Sullivan

San Luis Obispo

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