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San Luis Obispo

 I offer rebuttal to Bradley Zane’s second rant (“Make that greedy land owners,” Feb. 26) against my comments (“Ban vehicles from Oceano beach,” Feb. 19) following Zane’s first rant (“Get lost, greedy naturalists,” Feb. 12).
 Mr. Zane, you miss my point: Oceano Dunes SVRA is now at its breaking point for carrying capacity. That carrying capacity includes environmental damage, beach pollution, noise, parties, vandalism, and public safety for riders and pedestrians. 
You make wild conclusions based on unsubstantiated assumptions.  For example, you claim that I want Oceano beach for my “personal use.”  In fact, I’m interested in public policies that affect many beach users, not just me. 
You wag your finger at me for “walking a child in a well-posted vehicle area.”  Try reading the rules: “Speed limit is 15 mph on the beach and within 50 feet of any camp or group of people.” The driver who almost killed my nephew was doing about 35 mph as he roared past my nephew within about two feet.
With about 106 public OHV parks in California with thousands of acres, you certainly don’t need to whine about the closure of one of those places. 
Oceano Dunes could be managed like Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. That park has sensible rules to protect the environment and the people. For example, there are noise limits, limits on OHV beach access during peak visitation days (to limit conflicts with pedestrians), and restrictions on beach camping and alcohol use. Similar management directions are needed here.

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