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An idea to deal with sand in Oceano 

This letter is in response to Lucia Casalinuovo: "The removal of Oceano Beach" (Jan. 3) and in response to Cheryl Bennet, "We don't need to cram the beach in Oceano with tourists" (Jan. 10).

I agree with both Lucia and Cheryl, we are losing the beach to all those cars, and also just to Mother Nature.

We live in the best place on the Central Coast, so it's only natural people want to visit our beautiful beaches.

I see a solution though. The new sand is contaminated from the cars driving on it and carting it out on their tires. Why can't the sand be put back on the beach? So, the top level is contaminated, and the sand that is drug out would go back on the layer that is already contaminated, that way the same two levels of sand would be used over and over again. I don't know if I'm explaining my idea so other people can understand it, but it seems reasonable to me.

At the rate explained in her letter there will be no beach left, not to mention the cost of removing the sand. I think my idea is at least explorable.

Cynthia Morr

Central Coast

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