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Americans are stressed, but shouldn't turn to marijuana 

San Luis Obispo

I keep seeing all these passionate letters about legalizing marijuana.  People are saying that people just don’t understand how marijuana has helped their pain management. The truth is that there are a lot of drugs out there that help people escape pain and stress. Alcohol is one among many others. Just like alcohol, marijuana has a lot of unhealthy aspects that people do not want to talk about because of how good it makes them feel.

It is not a light issue. Teens who can get it more easily can become addicted, and it has been proven that if they have a recessive schizophrenic gene, it can become active. I don’t know if you remember your high school days, but it does not improve the brain cells of teens, either. It slows the brain down quite a bit. The pure act of putting so much smoke in one’s body is also not the healthiest thing. Have you noticed that people just about cough a lung out after smoking it?

Americans are stressed, and their bodies are reacting. Another drug—whether alcohol or marijuana—is not going to solve our problems. A change in lifestyle is the only way to make life better.

If Americans could view “medicine” similar to Native American medicine, we might see other medicines out there besides drugs. We would not need to continue taking them day after day. Maybe once is all it would take, like homeopathics.

Since alcohol has been legalized, it has been a part of life for people, and it is considered normal to get drunk on weekends—or even for a conservative person to regularly have a drink. Mainstream social life centers on bars. And so now we may do the same with marijuana.

Personally, I think God is the answer. But I know that’s not what everyone wants to hear. And something besides another “pill” to make it all go away is what we Americans need, not legalizing another drug. How about just not working so hard on jobs that are not meaningful and talking to people more and connecting? How about building community? Working passionately on helping others? It doesn’t look like Jimmy Carter needed a smoke to build Habitat for Humanity. How about helping the needy?

If people were not so self-absorbed and lived more like Jesus, then maybe we wouldn’t feel so much pain and stress and build cultures around alcohol or marijuana.

-- Gina Turley - San Luis Obispo

-- Gina Turley - San Luis Obispo

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