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Dems are determined to persecute Donald Trump at any cost

It's becoming abundantly clear that Democrats are not willing to accept the choice of the 60 million who voted for Donald Trump. Instead, they're bent on persecuting him, his family, his friends, his associates until such time as he's run out of office by impeachment, resignation, or the next election. And they threaten that it won't end there as they'll pursue him after he once again becomes a private citizen using the investigative force of government to ensure that the rest of his life is a living hell, one court date after another, until such time as he passes from this world.

And it won't be long until the same forces will pursue his adult children, his business empire, and his brand. Why not? They supported him, they carry his name, they're rich, and they didn't really earn it on their own. Their wealth is not really theirs. They didn't create that business empire. It belongs to the people, the hard working men and women who toil with little to show for their effort. No, The Donald is the culprit and his children deserve to be punished for the sins of the father. From my vantage point, that seems to be the plan.

But have the Democrats really thought this through? Do they really believe that they—using the force of government to crucify Donald Trump, his family, and friends, then to work to remove him from office in any manner possible—will be allowed to proceed without consequence? I certainly don't think so.

Many Democrats believe that this nation was founded on the oppression of the less fortunate, the less educated, the needy, and the less connected and that the only remedy is revolution. It can either be slow and painful as we're seeing now or quick and effective by achieving their goals through force. And what better way to begin such a revolution than to get Trump supporters to start it.

So what I see coming is investigation on top of investigation in an effort to make it impossible for President Trump to govern. Then go after his kids, his business empire, his brand until such time that the mere mention of the word "Trump," even if uttered in a card game, will be cause for rebuke. Remove him, his family, and his name from the annals of contemporary thought and speech and move this country to what it deserves to be, a Democratic Socialist nation.

So any pro-life, pro-America, pro-gun, pro-rule of law outsider with the gall to run and win the presidency, now knows what will come of their future and that of their family and friends—total and complete personal and financial destruction. So with that thought and its associated repercussions, I hope all had a Merry Christmas and I wish all a Happy New Year. Enjoy it while you can, for dark clouds are forming and uncertainty and danger lurks ahead. Δ

Gary Wechter is a retired businessman, avid and civilized Trump supporter who expresses his disdain using words not deeds. You may contact him directly at You can also write a letter for publication and email it to

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