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Comment Archives: stories: Opinion: Rhetoric & Reason

Re: “Give thanks for Planned Parenthood

Amy, I am grateful for your thoughtful journalism for activism and wanted to say "Hiya". I have fond memories of working with you on the College of Engineering newsletter. Cindi Karlen

Posted by Cindi Karlen on 12/01/2017 at 4:41 PM

Re: “A free pass

Thanks for this brilliant piece, Bob. In my assessment, grabbers grab: it's what they do best, in all aspects of life. I believe that people like this are the root cause of all social ills because they band together and defend their power grabbing at any and all costs. They were trained by the generations before them: Conquistadores, Revolutionaries, slave traders and owners, robber barons, and Hollywood moguls. They commit genocide, plunder the earth, oppress the "other," and sexually objectify 51% of the human race in order to maintain power grabbing ability. We're not in their Power Grabbing Club so they've been gaslighting us en masse. I see it plain as day. But the good news is, more women are standing up to that power grabbing, and we will not back down. I hope the rest of humanity follows suit.

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Posted by Sharine Borslien on 11/16/2017 at 10:16 AM

Re: “Delusional apologists for leftist violence

And what of those who apologize for self-proclaimed, white supremacist Nazis who commit murder in defense of a statue that is fashioned in the likeness of a man who fought a war in which thousands of his countrymen met their demise, all in defense of his right to continue perhaps the most vile, evil, despicable practice human beings have ever invented: slavery? Do these Nazi sympathizers and Confederate apologists get a free pass?

Our esteemed POTUS sure seems to think so.

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Posted by MU on 10/26/2017 at 4:40 PM

Re: “First Amendment under fire

Another alt-Right bobble head complaining about Antifa, as if Antifa's actions alone define the agenda of modern Progressives. I've got news for you: The vast majority of liberals neither endorse nor condone the actions of Antifa thugs. While we may share some of their sentiments (e.g. that racist, fascist, white supremacist thugs like those we saw in Charlottesville are evil and must be resisted), we also know that violence has no place in a healthy Democracy.

So stop painting all liberals with the 'Evil Antifa Thug' brush, unless you want all conservatives to be painted with the 'Evil, white supremacist Nazi' brush.

Posted by MU on 10/26/2017 at 8:40 AM

Re: “Delusional apologists for leftist violence

Mr. Fonzi's essay wanders around, from the motivations of a gun hoarding psychopath to his disdain for those who fight fascism. Mr. Fonzi is a warmonger and trump apologist who wants everyone to swallow his far-right opinions. The answer is "NO". Mr. Fonzi is not a lieutenant colonel now, and his foot-stomping rhetoric is not appreciated. America spends far too much on military buildup and interference in other countries to support corporations. Having grown up in the military, I am not a fan. And anyone who still supports the Idiot-in-Chief after all we've seen deserves no respect.

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Posted by Jenna Lovejoy on 10/12/2017 at 4:10 PM

Re: “A theory about violent protesters

You're not wrong to suggest the possibility. There are numerous examples beyond COINTELPRO where law enforcement and/or intelligence services posed as members of groups they wanted to discredit and turn public opinion against. Certainly the way anarchists and antifa have been depicted in news can be attritbuted to similar mindsets. We always see the Molotov cocktails being thrown, never hear a peep about what was being protested and why {typically international trade deals}.

Having said that, there are some real, sincere ANTIFA folks. I've met a few. {They can be violent but see below.}

And the thing that we as modern Americans seem to forget: Violence against property was at one time considered "fair game." Blocking traffic and breaking windows was at one time kind of the point.

This is perhaps the primary difference between the fascists, who want to crush *people* based on groups they belong to, and antifa, who want to destroy a *system* that condones fascism, racism, bigotry, and vulture capitalism.

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Christopher Knall on 10/05/2017 at 8:52 AM

Re: “First Amendment under fire

I agree with everything included in your screed, but what you left out invalidates it. When the POTUS publicly and continuously calls members of the press the enemy, that is orders of magnitude more fascist than the isolated incidents you reference. Your omission reduces your faux-patriotic stance to propaganda.

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Posted by SteveFelten on 09/29/2017 at 1:05 PM

Re: “First Amendment under fire

Well, sure, Antifa. Okay. ACORN was the top bogeyman for a while, even after the allegations against it were proven to be spurious. And who could forget the "New Black Panthers"--that terrifying incident of two men standing near a polling booth (where one was seen opening the door in a gentlemanly way so an elderly white lady could enter)--wow, were THEY ever scary!! And remember what happened when poll workers asked one of them--a fellow exercising his Jesus-endorsed 2nd Amendment right--to leave? Oh yeah. He left. And then there's Black Lives Matter (shudder), a group that has asked that, hey, let's knock off the extrajudicial murder of black children, whaddya say? The Right always has to have some bogeyman to grant themselves victimhood, and today it is Antifa's turn. Yeah, yeah, yeah, some of its members have behaved like idiots and thugs. But so have some PTA members and so have some cops, but let's not paint them all with the thug-brush. That's not just lazy talk, it's brutally dishonest.

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Posted by tsankawi on 09/29/2017 at 7:59 AM

Re: “First Amendment under fire

Wow. An imperialist is granted the privilege of writing a full page editorial and complains about First Amendment rights being taken away.

Rich, I tells ya, rich.

1 like, 4 dislikes
Posted by Victor Seastrom on 09/28/2017 at 7:40 PM

Re: “Freedom of speech under fire

Mr. Fonzi: however much I appreciate your dedication to defending our first Amendment right to free speech, you gave not one single example of a violation of said freedom. When you invoke the First Amendment, you are referring to governments' quashing of such freedoms; alas, you only alluded to examples of free individuals deciding to protest someone else's speech, not any kind of government crackdown. Is it rude? Sure. Is it childish? Perhaps. But is it a violation of the speaker's freedom? Not unless it's implemented by an agent of the government.

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Posted by Chris Harmon on 09/14/2017 at 4:26 PM

Re: “Freedom of speech under fire

Great thoughts Mr. Fonzi.

And just yesterday, we have the press secretary telling ESPN how to run their HR department.

Please hurry up Mr. Mueller.

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Posted by Mickey Mc on 09/14/2017 at 5:27 AM

Re: “The right answer

Great piece, Kristine!

Posted by Amaya Epling Giauque on 09/08/2017 at 7:47 AM

Re: “Inclusivity and honesty

As much as I agree with Ms. Hagen's sentiments and the just cause in supporting Heather Heyer and voicing opposition to the white supremacists, racists, and Nazis who support the obviously obscene, racist, and repugnant Trump, as long as she supports the Democratic Party, SLO County Democratic Party, and the SLO County Progressives Democratic Club, her words ring hollow. There is a reason that the Democratic Party is known as the place where social movements go to die... While Trump is clearly the more obvious and obscene face of US empire, until the system is changed, replacing Trump with a Democrat will change little. It was Nobel Peace Laureate, Democratic president Obama who expanded upon the war crimes of Cheney/Bush, assassinated US citizens, and greatly expanded the use of Killer Drones. While Trump has already expanded upon the crimes of Obama, it just goes to show that who is in power matters not, it's the system... Different oligarchs serving different bases, with the same results...

0 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Chris Knudson on 08/25/2017 at 3:44 PM

Re: “Polar bears aren't canaries

Glaciers are even better canaries.
Now you see it Now you dont

1 like, 1 dislike
Posted by Bill Butler on 08/03/2017 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Polar bears aren't canaries

Let me guess: you also think humans never landed on the moon, Earth is flat, and Obama was born in Kenya. LOL!

1 like, 3 dislikes
Posted by David Rice on 08/03/2017 at 12:18 PM

Re: “What makes a skeptic?

File this under: Non-response to another literate and well-crafted rebuttal by Andrew Christie.
Fonzi once again adopts the coward's script: bluster, with nothing to back it up. Sloppy logic, no citations.

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Russell Hodin on 07/20/2017 at 9:46 PM

Re: “Faith, politics, and the founders

The attempt mentioned in the first paragraph is, properly, only to prevent **governmental** pronouncements and displays of faith. Government must remain neutral in order to represent and respect all citizens and all faiths, as well as those without faith. By characterizing the arena as [any] public pronouncement or display of faith, the writer sets up a straw man, the better to knock it down.

No serious critic attempts to prevent anyone - in their role as a private citizen - to pronounce or display their faith in public. For instance, any citizen can pray to themselves at a city council meeting all they want, and they can offer prayers during public comment, but the city officials - when acting in their role as a city official - must maintain neutrality.

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Posted by Paul Rinzler on 07/06/2017 at 12:48 PM

Re: “The health of nations

This analysis is spot on. We all want to live in a great country. Taking away federal funding for Medi-Cal, the single largest insurer in the state, and transferring that financial burden on to the state will result in cuts in services for the poor, women, children, the elderly, the mentally ill and those with substance addictions. It will actually result in suffering and death for many of our fellow citizens. And why? To give huge tax reductions to the few at the top who don't need them. Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for even considering such a plan, let alone meeting in secret and trying to ram it through without thorough consideration, hearings and debate. This is not how a great country makes important decisions. A great country does not treat it's citizens with such callous and mean spirited contempt and neglect.

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Posted by Daniel Feldman on 06/29/2017 at 2:06 PM

Re: “So many critics, so little time

Apparently, to the good Mr. Fonzi, ageism is an invention of the Democratic party, it is a crime to prosecute Republican lawbreaking, and there's no time like the present to change the subject.

Posted by Russell Hodin on 06/27/2017 at 10:29 PM

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