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Comment Archives: stories: Opinion: Rhetoric & Reason

Re: “The shock of loss, forgetting history

Hi, Al, and thank you for the respectful and well-researched response to my letter. My only comment is that neither my 30-plus years as a court reporter nor your 35 years in the military makes either of us experts on climate change.

I took this off the website: "Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position."

Also see Scientific American article from March 2017 in which Secretary of Defense James Mattis is quoted as saying, "Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today." Mattis signed off on the military's Joint Operating Environment, which lists climate change as one of the security threats the military expected to confront over the next 25 years.

We can all have our opinions, but I believe we should defer to those highly-educated individuals who study the subject.
We ignore them at our peril.

Sharon McDaniel
Arroyo Grande

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Posted by Sharon McDaniel on 02/20/2018 at 2:39 PM

Re: “The shock of loss, forgetting history

Well reasoned and written, Al. The new mantra is stopping climate change. Trying to stop climate change is like trying to stop the earth from turning. It's not likely to happen. Successful species adapt to change. They do not try to stop change.

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Posted by gary.l.kirkland 9 on 02/17/2018 at 8:36 PM

Re: “Dear Kevin McCarthy

Mr. McCarthy,

I sincerely hope you read this letter and are moved by it enough to take action! Enough is enough. already. Think (and ACT) for the future of all of our children.

Janet Fedorchuk

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Posted by Janet Fedorchuk on 02/15/2018 at 8:14 AM

Re: “Offshore omen

The value to the ocean is not determined by the market value of the fishery. I hope the author is aware of that.

Posted by Brad Snook on 01/25/2018 at 4:00 PM

Re: “Right-wing hypocrisy on steroids

Well spoken sir

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Posted by Ted Armen on 01/19/2018 at 2:22 PM

Re: “Moore and #MeToo

I just read this article one month late (sorry.) I am a woman who has been through a lot of #me too. At ten I was molested by a family friend, at thirteen I was confronted to a man who flashed himself, at fourteen I had to find a way to defend myself against a predator in a bus, at twenty I was grabbed by the ... in the street, at twenty-three I filed sexual harassment charges against my boss... and there is more. Still, I share the same concerns as Bob Cuddy when I see the instant acceptance of any accusation, and the same treatment for outrageous behavior and simple stupidity. Al Franken made a really stupid joke, but did we need to lose a great senator because of this joke? Garrison Keillor touched the bare back of a woman friend, but did you ever see Keillor in person? This man walks around with his eyes closed, appearing to be locked into his own world. He apologized for not paying attention, I think it's enough. There is a huge difference between people like Franken and Keillor, and the predators who have harassed women since the dawn of time. Right now, we seem to have forgotten it. And yet, the Predator-in-Chief is still in his seat, and Clarence Thomas is still Supreme Court Justice. I don't think it is what Anita Hill wanted for women.

Posted by Odile Ayral on 01/17/2018 at 6:38 PM

Re: “Right-wing hypocrisy on steroids

The Far Right loves the FBI when its investigating Clintons emails; hates them when they stop, loves them again when Comey reopens things just before the vote, hates them when they look into Russian influence to much..... is there a pattern here???? Hmmmmm.....

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Posted by Dan Cook on 01/11/2018 at 11:47 AM

Re: “Right-wing hypocrisy on steroids

Thanks, Jim Griffin. I love your writing style, and your arguments against Faux News indoctrination. "Divide and conquer" is the strategy at play in our nation, and it's working (so far) because so many people cannot override their emotion-based "logic" (as if) and use logic.

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Posted by Sharine Borslien on 01/11/2018 at 11:05 AM

Re: “The coming challenge: part I

As the US accounts for 37% of the worlds military budget, 2.7 times more than China, the next biggest spender, you have to wonder why our equipment and response time are so inadequate. Perhaps the GOP fiscal conservatives/deficit hawks could look into this, or would their donors object? Dick Cheney may be able to provide some insight.

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Posted by SteveFelten on 01/05/2018 at 3:53 PM

Re: “A free pass


Posted by Mickey Mc on 12/27/2017 at 7:51 AM

Re: “A grave threat to the Republic

For good reason, more Americans trust and respect Robert Mueller more than they do Donald Trump. Trump is an infamous liar, con man and cheat. This is well documented. If Trump, as many suspect, is truly a criminal, his crimes should be investigated and he should be brought to justice even if he is President. No, Mr. Fonzi, Trumo does NOT automatically get a pass on criminal behavior by himself or family members. A thorough investigation is certainly in order. Fonzi is clearly out of order and his words threaten the integrity of our republic. That Fonzi has the nerve to association himself wit the Republican party is a slap in the face to all good Republicans. He owes us all a huge public apology for aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin and all those who are working to weaken the United States.

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Posted by rightword 2 on 12/23/2017 at 8:22 PM

Re: “A grave threat to the Republic

Al Fonzi's lame efforts to denigrate the FBI and our nation's justice department are shameful and a danger to our republic. Fonzi either doesn't understand the tenets and value of our U.S. Constitution, or else purposely misleads readers about it. No, Mr. Fonzi, Donald Trump is NOT above the law. Mr. Fonzi needs to respect our U.S. Constitution, rather than trash it the way he does, with propaganda aimed at decimating the brilliantly conceived "separation of powers" policy that has made America so great.

Fonzi should give respect to brave law enforcers who are willing got risk their lives to make sure that foreign powers and domestic criminals don't conspire to corrupt the greatest political office of our nation. Fonzi's continual pandering to the interests of Vladimir Putin and other infamous Russian criminals is disgusting. No Mr. Fonzi, the U.S presidency should NOT be handed over to Russia and be treated as a personal asset of Putin.

7 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by rightword 2 on 12/23/2017 at 8:12 PM

Re: “A grave threat to the Republic

Once one leaves California and travels throughout the rest of the United States, it is very easy to see, and one must be blind, to not see the effect that Trump has had on our nation this past year. Other than the occasional "red states," there is a tremendous amount of growth, not just in income, but in business, new facilities going up in places we would not expect there to be growth. Businesses seem to be flourishing! Billboards and signage stretched across an occasional semi everywhere proclaim "Help Wanted" abound. New construction, new car sales, new homes ABOUND! New roads! Open and clean and well maintained rest stops! It only stops when you get to the blue states. It makes one wonder what do those of us Californians do not see in the current president??? Obviously, they are not smoking weed as it's not legal in most of the flourishing states. It almost makes it depressing to come back home.

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Posted by peterv on 12/22/2017 at 10:44 AM

Re: “A grave threat to the Republic

Clearly there is merit to this article. It is a warning of what COULD be occurring. Linking this to every bogus threat available does not address a single word of the warning. Just because the FBI is an enforcement agency does not make it tilt right....ask anyone in Venezuela , they will tell you state apparatus serves the state. Most Federal employees donate Democrat so I think it is nutso to think they are conservative or libertarian.
Fonzi well may be the canary in the coal mine, let's hope not, but pretending everything is fine is a good way to put us all on a path to that coal mine.

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Posted by Fred Amos on 12/21/2017 at 3:12 PM

Re: “A grave threat to the Republic

I seldom agree with Mr. Fonzi's musings, but this one goes beyond standard-fare right wing schtick and slops over into John Birch Society conspiratorial nonsense--and it's dangerous. He gives credence to blog hysterics who imagine that there was a "coup" attempt brewing within the FBI, designed to bring down his happy King Mordred. This puts him in Alex Jones territory, the fever swamp of Pizzagate, of black helicopters and trilateral commissions that are working in clandestine cells, using code names and microchips, conspiring against the Caligula simpleton whom the minority of this country elected, and the majority of this country distrusts. This may make his fellow yokels slap the ground and hoot, but the rest of us know that the FBI itself--by its very nature--tilts to the right of center. These are law enforcement professionals who distrust Fonzi's "Antifa" bogeyman just as much as they distrust the Black Lives Matter movement. Fonzi goes too far, here, spreading dangerous nonsense.

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Posted by tsankawi on 12/21/2017 at 9:54 AM

Re: “Moore and #MeToo

I'm glad the movement has you thinking. Many men don't understand that women must be hyper-vigilant in their everyday lives. Men don't usually look all around them when they get in and out of their cars, especially in parking garages. We must constantly be aware of where we are, is there a man around us that could attack. Many men don't realize when they cat call and whistle at women it can spark terror in a lot of us. Will we be followed, will a gang of them, riding in those cars that called out to us, out of their window circle, around and grab us? Will my boss or co-worker, who can't seem to take his eyes off my breasts as I speak to him, or catch his eyes periodically dropping down, go further. I understand that men do not control their natural hunting, with their eyes reflexes, but the awareness of protecting ourselves still happens to us. Does being made a fool by Mr. Franken, for the world to see mean I'm not a team player if I see it as another straw added to the pile of 'can't you take a joke (at your expense)' mentality? Yes, where do we draw the line? WOMEN have lost our jobs for ages for not putting out or letting the hand rest on our ass for whatever reason our male co-workers determine is OK if we dared speak up. Yes, maybe men have to BE more careful now, rather than placing it all on the bodies of the woman who had to save their jobs in the past. This will simmer down eventually, but for now, woman are finally feeling safer to speak up as long as they know they finally have other people along with them. Our president (ugh) is a master at blaming the victims and denying he is guilty. The times I have had to confront men, in the past, for sexually abusing or molesting or harassing me, have denied It TO MY FACE, even when I pointed out the behavior on the spot. Ha ha ha, "Can't you take a joke?" Not when I speak up, that is WHY I am speaking up... I did this before women came forward and it got me nowhere. Now that voices are joined together, men are starting to HEAR what we are saying. It is always better to error on the side of 'business dignity' when a handshake will do the trick. We will not be offended. If we hug YOU it is a sign, for that one moment, that we see you as being slightly closer than business dictates. I am not comfortable with hugging some women- not because it has a sexual connotation, but in a business setting it is not acceptable. If you have questions- talk to your female friends about it. As you know, we generally LOVE to talk. If a woman tells you she doesn't feel comfortable with a hug, drop it, it may have NOTHING to do with you but in something about what has happened to her to make her feel this way. We all need to be gentle with each other, try to talk things out, create an atmosphere that someone can tell us they don't feel comfortable with something we may be doing. Please forgive my errors in grammar and composition- I just got out of the hospital and not doing so well- just wanted to put my two cents into the pot.

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Posted by Hope Budinich on 12/14/2017 at 5:24 PM

Re: “Give thanks for Planned Parenthood

Amy, I am grateful for your thoughtful journalism for activism and wanted to say "Hiya". I have fond memories of working with you on the College of Engineering newsletter. Cindi Karlen

Posted by Cindi Karlen on 12/01/2017 at 4:41 PM

Re: “A free pass

Thanks for this brilliant piece, Bob. In my assessment, grabbers grab: it's what they do best, in all aspects of life. I believe that people like this are the root cause of all social ills because they band together and defend their power grabbing at any and all costs. They were trained by the generations before them: Conquistadores, Revolutionaries, slave traders and owners, robber barons, and Hollywood moguls. They commit genocide, plunder the earth, oppress the "other," and sexually objectify 51% of the human race in order to maintain power grabbing ability. We're not in their Power Grabbing Club so they've been gaslighting us en masse. I see it plain as day. But the good news is, more women are standing up to that power grabbing, and we will not back down. I hope the rest of humanity follows suit.

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Posted by Sharine Borslien on 11/16/2017 at 10:16 AM

Re: “Delusional apologists for leftist violence

And what of those who apologize for self-proclaimed, white supremacist Nazis who commit murder in defense of a statue that is fashioned in the likeness of a man who fought a war in which thousands of his countrymen met their demise, all in defense of his right to continue perhaps the most vile, evil, despicable practice human beings have ever invented: slavery? Do these Nazi sympathizers and Confederate apologists get a free pass?

Our esteemed POTUS sure seems to think so.

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Posted by MU on 10/26/2017 at 4:40 PM

Re: “First Amendment under fire

Another alt-Right bobble head complaining about Antifa, as if Antifa's actions alone define the agenda of modern Progressives. I've got news for you: The vast majority of liberals neither endorse nor condone the actions of Antifa thugs. While we may share some of their sentiments (e.g. that racist, fascist, white supremacist thugs like those we saw in Charlottesville are evil and must be resisted), we also know that violence has no place in a healthy Democracy.

So stop painting all liberals with the 'Evil Antifa Thug' brush, unless you want all conservatives to be painted with the 'Evil, white supremacist Nazi' brush.

Posted by MU on 10/26/2017 at 8:40 AM

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