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You say 'happy' like it's a bad thing 

San Luis Obispo

Hey Shred,

I’ve always been a fan of yours, but not so much of your new friend, TJ (“You get a car!” Feb. 3)! I mean, tell the dude that the “H” word doesn’t need to be a nasty word!

I know, I know, we’ve got plenty of problems here in “H”y Town, and I’m not usually a “H”y Go Lucky kind of girl myself.

But I moved here six years ago in pursuit of—well, you know, the dreaded “H”iness—and I gotta tell you that SLO has not disappointed me! I mean, has TJ been to our beaches or our parks this week in our 75-degree-plus weather? Does he shop at our local Farmers Markets? And, judging from his sour un “H”y mood, I’m sure it’s been some time since he’s done some fun local wine tasting!

C’mon Shred, what I’ve always loved about you is your sunny, “H”y-lovin’ disposition! Please ask TJ for me: Why can’t we all just get along and be H---y?

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What are you most thankful for this year?

  • The Chumash National Marine Sanctuary.
  • The Dana Reserve proposed development.
  • No added ExxonMobil tanker trucks on Central Coast highways.
  • Straight-up turkey and gravy.

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