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Work on the details for legalizing pot 


The marijuana plant may be legalized in California by the November ballot. Many controversies will ensue if it becomes legal. The government claims it would gain billions of dollars if the herb is legal, which would good for our state. Even though I am for legalization, the law will be a conundrum for the Feds, the state, the police, and the people. Regulatory issues are not being addressed. How can the government compete with the black market or even individual home growers who would avoid taxation? Why would an individual purchase low-grade government herb if they could grow or obtain a better product? Where is the enforcement going to come from, and will those costs offset the supposed profit? Are we going to ask cops to start peeking into citizens’ backyards? The ambiguity is overwhelming and not being properly addressed.

The California lottery proposition passed because it was sold as “good for education.” We know now the positive expectations of that referendum are questionable. The claims that legalization will aid/fix this state’s insolvency problems are illogical at this time. State legislators need to identify potential conflicts if marijuana is legalized, but given their track record for solving state budget problems, I am not optimistic.

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