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Why were women slighted? 

San Luis Obispo

 In his story entitled “Rejoice, web surfers,” (Feb. 18), Robert A. McDonald mentioned the exciting possibility of high-tech businesses coming to San Luis Obispo, drawn by the prospect of ultra-high speed Internet connections by Google. Imagine all the new jobs! Sounds great, right up until the part where he assumed this might “keep college-age males off the street.” Um, surely you’re not implying that only college-age males would be interested the high-tech industry? As a woman who would love the opportunity to work in the high-tech industry, I’m hoping you will clarify his statement.

Executive Editor’s note: The original headline for the brief in question was: “Good news for businesses, web surfers, and porn fans.” Robert A. McDonald’s intent was to make a sophomoric reference to the Internet’s notoriety as a vehicle for pornography, as well as college-age males’ stereotypical proclivity for perusing such images in the privacy of their rooms. No implications linking a single sex to certain vocational aspirations were intended. But since the issue has been broached, allow us to say that he, perhaps unwisely, failed to consider that many college-age females would be equally interested in downloading pornography at 1 gigabit per second

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