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Why get mad about marijuana, and not alcohol? 


My neighbor just found out he has stage four cancer. How is he going to get through his treatments? The pills the doctors give don’t do squat. My wife found this out when she had cancer. Seventy-five percent of the population of this country wants access to medical marijuana if they need it. What is wrong with our government?

Let us follow the money. Big Pharma sure doesn’t want anyone to grow medicine. Law enforcement (“we don’t make laws we only enforce them”), DAs, and the prison guards union (the strongest union in the state) love the current laws. Our county officials sure don’t help. They have created a perfect catch 22: “Oh, we are all for medical marijuana!” but when it comes down to the bottom line, “Oh, this is not the right time and place” or some other BS. We passed Proposition 215 17 years ago, and the powers that be still have us hogtied.

Our county has wine everywhere; where is the outrage? Wine is alcohol, which is a much bigger problem than medical marijuana will ever be. I find it interesting that since the passage of Proposition 215, deaths on our state highways are down. Maybe fewer folks are drinking alcohol? So where is the outrage over drug stores? They have drugs that kill regularly and they make one hell of a profit from it. No one has ever overdosed from medical marijuana in more than 5,000 years of medical use.

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Should Arroyo Grande use eminent domain to repair the Traffic Way bridge? 

  • Yes! The bridge serves the public, and repairs are essential.
  • No—that's private property, and seizing it is government overreach.
  • Maybe, but there's much more the city should do first.
  • What's eminent domain?

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