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Who is Al Fonzi? 

I always enjoy New Times, even issues where it seems the entire staff either went on a mental sabbatical or had a momentary implosion. But the one thing I can’t seem to wrap my head around is—who is Al Fonzi?

I see the profile blurb you publish, that’s fine but it’s not really a qualifier. I also get to read his writings in a North County publication. I’m not against anything he writes, or for it either. I suspect there is something out there that qualifies him to be a regular contributor. Maybe its ratings, pressure from advertisers. Possibly no one else wants to write or you find satisfaction out of providing columns that bring joy, comedy, and high blood pressure at the same time.

Is he a former elected official? Professor with a PhD? A best selling author? I’m guessing its money related, but what do I know. I tried a Google search and gave up after three pages. However, I did find a Wikipedia article about Arthur Fonzarelli. The Fonze Column: that one I could wrap my head around.

I’m not attacking anyone or anything. Personnally I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat; I find it liberating (not liberal) being free to think independently. It feels good and anyway, I was always told to never join a gang. There must be some reason for a regular column. Maybe you can do an in-depth interview with Mr. Fonzi for us, as well as the other regulars you publish. So please let us readers know, who is Al Fonzi?

-- Bill Emerson - Atascadero

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