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Morro Bay

The beautiful skies above the Central Coast have become blighted. This is an assault on our skies. It is a dirty shame that our government chooses to operate this program blatantly, right over our heads, yet without our informed consent.
Since becoming aware of what has been going on in our skies recently, I have been horrified by what I have witnessed and stunned by the lack of awareness or concern by the public and the denial by government and media sources, which have a duty to inform the public of the details of this operation.
What I have witnessed and photographed is nothing less than shocking: a complete transformation of our skies by this program of spraying massive amounts of something into our atmosphere.
At times the sky becomes completely obscured by the chemtrails that zigzag in every direction, billowing out slowly and turning the entire sky to a sickening haze. I’ve noticed that this strange haze persists, even days after the chemtrail activity subsides. This chemical haze has now obscured views of the hills and shrouded the horizon.
I cannot be alone in demanding accountability as to exactly what’s going on here, can I? Exactly what chemicals are being sprayed into our skies? What are the reasons for conducting these operations?

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