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What are your thoughts on the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia? 

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Peggy Heinrichs

retired teacher

"I went to the vigil here, and it was a very calm, serious, uplifting event. We need to keep talking to people, even people we disagree with, and see if we can find some kind of common ground. It's scary."

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Sean Humpa


"It's absolutely horrible. I have nothing more to say about that."

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Joshua Genet

field accountant

"I think it's uncalled for, I don't think it's necessary. I know everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but I don't think hate is an opinion you have to agree with."

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Pam Pickering


"I'm so sad. It's hard to articulate my feelings. I was telling my husband the other day that it seems we're right back to where we've always been. I think tolerance begins at home, so I'm going to be the most tolerant, kind, loving person I can be. That's really all I can do."

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Should Arroyo Grande use eminent domain to repair the Traffic Way bridge? 

  • Yes! The bridge serves the public, and repairs are essential.
  • No—that's private property, and seizing it is government overreach.
  • Maybe, but there's much more the city should do first.
  • What's eminent domain?

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