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We need petroleum products but we don't need oil in our county 

The Oct. 8 commentary by Kenneth McCalip (“Cart before the horse”) was interesting to read. Some of the apocalyptic details relating to climate change and population growth are not quite factual, but the thrust of his arguments are surely in the right direction.

Then, unfortunately, Mr. McCalip brings up Measure P. It would have been wise and fair first to have actually read the measure before expounding on it. And he seems not to appreciate the many ways the oil industry has caused and will continue to cause environmental degradation in SB County … and put our health and safety at risk. For one: Is he aware of toxic wastewater injection into aquifers here, now?

Furthermore, when a measure is outspent 7:1, the Big Oil victory margin is not so impressive. Think about it.

Lastly, of course we need products made from petroleum. But we don’t need the oil industry in our county. Let North Dakota and Saudi Arabia suffer the consequences.

-- Seth Steiner - Los Alamos

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