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We elected the wrong person in Morro Bay 

We elected the wrong person in Morro Bay

We are longtime residents of Morro Bay. We were recently given short notice as all in town that there would be a potential hanging of our city manager and city attorney. Less than 24 hours to be exact. I know you cannot print what we really think of our current dictator—aka Mayor Irons—so we will make it short.

Mr. Irons is a complete disgrace and embarrassment to Morro Bay. Yes, Mr. Irons, the community I grew up in and have lived in for 50-plus years. I am certain you did not expect the amount of citizens that showed up at your hopeful execution of two of the finest if not best city employees we have—Mr. Schultz, our city attorney, and Ms. Andrea Lueker, our city manager—as such short notice was given.

When asked what attorney or attorneys you conferred with prior to making this ridiculous and what has become clearly transparent as a politically motivated idiotic move, you shunned that question off. Why is that? I noticed a few of your twinkies with deep pockets in the audience who chose not to speak. Undoubtedly they are some of your biggest financial backdoor contributors. Regardless, we are all on board to sign a recall of the position you sit in as mayor.

To anyone who needs help circulating this petition, we will be the first of, I am sure, many to help.

-- Bill and Kathy Welles - Morro Bay

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