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We can longer support the freebies 


Why are taxpayers forced by law, effective Jan. 1, to pay for the college education of children brought into this country illegally, or born to parents here illegally? Is it not enough we pay for educating them kindergarten through high school and give free lunches and breakfasts at the expense of American children’s education? Why not a government loan, like all American college students have to repay?

Did anyone get a chance to vote on any of these issues? Or is this more liberal, progressive, trickle-down government at work?

Unfortunately, it’s another sad day in America when the picture of a young man with pride brought into this country illegally as a child is displayed on the front page of a paper and is a candidate for a free college education paid with American tax dollars. Let’s contrast this picture. Why not a picture of those American students who have to work, and parents who cannot afford to pay their own child’s college tuition, or those whose military fathers extended their hitch, a requirement for college education benefits for their own children?

Americans are the most generous, giving people in the world, and are clearly being taken advantage of when elected politicians pass discriminating anti-American laws like this. Laws of this nature create separation and build unnecessary bitterness in this state and country. We have a disconnected state and federal government carelessly allowing the spending of our hard-earned money on all illegals who are destroying our system and cater to them with rule of law. We, the people, at some point in time have to face the fact we can no longer support freebees in the politically broken down USA. California is broke and leading the nation with financial disaster and political failures. God help us.

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