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Los Osos

I wish I could say I was surprised by the trampling of a person on Black Friday but sadly, I was not. I've grown disillusioned by the master manipulation in our society regarding the most holy of holidays.  It's disgusting and we should all be ashamed of ourselves.  The thought of a saving that can't be beat may be what caused a mob mentality in the trampling case but something entirely different caused people to not stop and help. I could look to place blame on the media, over-marketing, the economy, all of which do play a part. However, it's ultimately up to each of us to make the changes our society so desperately needs. I have a saying this time of year: "Tis the season." I reserve this saying for those in the world who treat others rudely during the holidays.  I look to a day when I can say "Tis the season" and mean it in a positive way.  Christmas is about the birth of Christ. It's a time for peace on Earth and good will toward man.  If there is a time of year we should practice what we preach it's Christmas!

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