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We are crying for America 

In response to the Gary Wechter's question "What is the point?" ("Crying for Hillary," Nov. 17, New Times) regarding the massive protests erupting all over the country since the presidential election, this is what I have to say:

The point is that people have taken to the streets in protest, in outrage, in horror at the notion of a vile, egotistical, mean-spirited man taking over the presidency of the United States despite losing the popular vote. The large majority of these protests have been peaceful and are fully protected by the First Amendment. And although I agree with some of his policy positions and am no fan of Hillary Clinton, I could never support a person like Donald Trump, who has degraded, insulted, bullied, and threatened women and minorities of all stripes. His type of hateful rhetoric has no place in our politics and only serves to sow division and violence. 

We are not crying for Hillary, we are crying for our environment, which a Trump administration promises to pillage for personal gain. We are crying for our family members, friends, and neighbors, many of whom will now live in fear due to the color of their skin, their nationality, or their religion. I am crying for my two young boys who can not understand how so many Americans voted for this man who personifies the worst in us, who coddles racists, who is greedy, narcissistic, vindictive, and power-hungry. I am crying for America, which is now disgraced before the world for electing such a leader.

-- Nicole Dorfman - Morro Bay

-- Nicole Dorfman - Morro Bay

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