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This is why there are so many Republicans 

This is why there are so many Republicans

My Democratic colleagues often wonder how the Republican Party, whose economic policies blatantly support only the rich at everyone else’s expense, continues to exist. The Republicans’ environmental positions even make them look like they are members of an alien species bent on human destruction. Yet they generally receive about 50 percent of the vote. Why?

A recent Pew Center Research poll shows 81 percent of 18-to-25-year-olds stating being rich as being their life’s top goal. Another poll showed 55 percent of those younger than 30 still thinking that they will end up rich. Many of these are Republican cheerleaders/voters.

Members of corrupt/environmentally destructive businesses or associates of the military-industrial complex, or those who simply like a good war, often vote Republican.

Republicans find many voters among cultural and religious conservatives, those fond of hierarchy/authority/duty, those hooked to right-wing media, single-issue voters like anti-gun-control advocates, and the less educated. People often vote based on how their parents, mates, friends, important associates, etc., vote or based on a candidate’s appearance, charisma, ethnicity, sex, religion, social status, etc. Republicans get their share of these votes.

Many business owners, legitimately feeling over-mandated and over-regulated, feel forced to vote Republican.

Democrats, notoriously soft on crime, force many law-abiding working people to desperately vote Republican.

When you add in the voters who see Democrats as often creating monstrosities like the Affordable Care Act and other government programs that do not fix the problems that they are allegedly aimed at solving, you get the 50 percent.

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