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Los Osos

(Re: “Move forward” by Linda Seeley, Letters, Aug. 7, 2008): Linda, Linda, Linda. I’m sure your left wing, liberal heart is in the right place but, darling, you haven’t got a clue. It would not take 20 years to produce oil from offshore drilling and, if we had started drilling in Anwar when we first talked about it, we would be using our own oil by now, and still paying $2.50 per gallon.

Nuclear energy is about as efficient as it gets, and takes up very little space to produce a lot of electricity. Just ask France. You don’t even mention hydroelectric power, which is essentially free, and creates great recreational lakes above, with wild rivers still below. Look at Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam.

You mention nothing about ethanol, natural gas, or a hydrogen fuel cell for vehicles, but tout wind power and photovoltaic cells. I hate to tell you, but wind mills and photo voltaic cells take up a lot of space and really scorch the earth, and planes, trains, boats, and 18-wheelers, that bring all of the goods to market, will not run on solar or wind.

Going back to the disco days may not be a good thing, but going back to the days of the horse and buggy and sod huts, isn’t going to cut it, either. Grow up. We need efficient, affordable energy, and we need it now.

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